The CBR Global Network Executive Committee

Position Name Network Country
President Mr. James David Lalu CAN Nigeria
Vice Presidents Mr. Soumana Zamo CAN Niger
Ms. Tulika Das Asia –Pacific India
Ms. Madeisia Caribbean and Americas Nicaragua
Secretary Mr. Ghulam Nabi Nizamani Asia – Pacific Pakistan
Treasurer Ms. Solangel Garcia Caribbean and Americas Colombia
The CBR Global Network was officially launched at the Community-based Rehabilitation (CBR) World Congress in Agra, India on 26-28 November 2012 . It was formed based on the partnership with the CBR regional networks and other key international stakeholders. Click Here to view the governing structure.

The first Executive Committee Meeting of the CBR Global Network was held at the Asia-Pacific Development Centre on Disability (APCD) Building in Bangkok, Thailand on 1-2 July 2013
The Vision of the Network is “Inclusive and empowered communities.”



  • Promoting the concept of Community-based Inclusive Development (CBID) in line with the CBR Guidelines and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and human rights through global, regional, sub-regional and national CBR networks and other partners;
  • Ensuring CBR as an effective strategy to realize the CRPD and related national and international laws and legislations;
  • Applying the principles of the CRPD into daily life of men and women with disabilities, children with disabilities and their families, especially those who are with severe/multiple disabilities;
  • Developing an alliance with other disadvantaged groups to reduce poverty, and to seek social justice and equity in society;
  • Working with CBR partners and other stakeholders to develop mutual capacity;
  • Partnering with other stakeholders to achieve the vision of the CBR Global Network; and
  • Working with Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs) to ensure the empowerment of persons with disabilities and their participation in all decisions related to their lives.


  • To promote, support and strengthen CBR regional networks;
  • To promote and raise awareness on human rights, the CRPD and CBR strategy;
  • To promote and ensure full involvement of persons with disabilities in planning, management, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of CBR;
  • To promote the concept of Community-based Inclusive Development (CBID) especially in terms of reducing poverty, empowerment of persons with disabilities,their families and community people at large;
  • To set up a virtual/cloud-based global resource center related to CBR;
  • To provide a forum for knowledge management and information exchange;
  • To develop and maintain a global CBR database;
  • To support and facilitate global training programs related to CBR;
  • To facilitate research in the field of CBR, disability and development, and other related social issues.
  • To influence global policies, programs and initiatives related to disability rights and development;
  • To support the organization of regional/global congress or events related to CBR;
  • To partner with the United Nations agencies, international organizations and other networks to achieve its goals;
  • To mobilize resources related to its objectives; and
  • To refrain from any political activities.

The 1st CBR World Congress
Over 1,000 delegates of representatives from disabled people’s organisations, policy makers, rehabilitation experts, local and international non-governmental organisations, government officials and other stakeholders from around the globe attended the first Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) World Congress in Agra, India during 26-28 November 2012.